Northern Boarders Kneeboarding Team

All reference to "his" or "he" will imply "his/her" or "he/she."

The name of the Club shall be "Northern Boarders Kneeboarding Team" and shall be abbreviated as "Northern Boarders".

The principal office will be the address of the current Northern Boarders Kneeboarding Team President and renewed annually.

The Northern Boarders Kneeboarding Team was chartered in November, 2004, according to the dictates of the affiliation of the American Kneeboard Association (herein referred to as AKA) with the United States Water Ski Association.

In November of 2004, Four individuals, Chad Beery, Kurt Schmelzer, Dan Kelsey and Dan Henning, commenced developing a plan to promote competitive kneeboarding in the State of Minnesota through a series of Development Clinics and Challenges. These events were designed to introduce recreational kneeboarders to competitive kneeboarding, and to promote a fun atmosphere for families to gather with common interests. Chad Beery, Kurt Schmelzer, Dan Kelsey and Dan Henning are considered to be the founders of Northern Boarders.

In December 2004 the official Northern Boarders logo was created and in December 2005 it was updated; a graphic depicting the shape of a kneeboarder encircled by the Northern Boarders name. This logo, with its variations, will remain until another is voted in by the membership.

The motto of the Northern Boarders Board Team is "(to be determined)" and will remain until another is voted by the membership.

The purpose of the Club is to help introduce people to the fun sport of competitive kneeboarding, to provide continuing education for officials and safety personnel, and to educate the public on ways to have more fun and generally improve individual skills in kneeboarding. The Club will serve as official organizers of USA-WS Sanctioned Events, including, but not limited to, Kneeboard Tournaments, Officials Training Clinics (judging, scoring, and driving,) "You Can Do it" Clinics, Banquets, Northern Boarders Meetings, and "Fun Days."

Membership shall be open to any individual interested in kneeboarding without discrimination, subject only to payment of Northern Boarders dues and AKA/USA-WS membership. All members MUST have a current AKA/USA-WS membership and will be required to sign the USA-WS "amateur waiver of release" prior to becoming a Northern Boarders member.

SECTION A.) Membership dues: Northern Boarders dues are payable on January 1 of each year.

SECTION B.) Voting rights are open to all Northern Boarders members with current paid dues.

SECTION C.) A member may be expelled or suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct, any willful violations of AKA/USA-WS rules or procedures, failure to pay indebtedness, criminal or fraudulent act, or any other act, which is contrary to the objectives and purposes of the club.

SECTION D.) A member may be expelled or suspended only by a two-thirds vote by the Board of Directors on charges made in writing and each member shall have the right of prompt and equitable resolution of grievances through the exercise of due process.

Northern Boarders is governed by a Board of Directors (therein sometimes referred to as the "Board.") The Northern Boarders Founders may appoint the Board or serve as the Board. Board members may hold multiple office. The Board may be elected by the general membership in October of each year. The Board will consist of a Chairman, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Organizer and the Founders.

SECTION A.) Nominations to the Board are accepted by the Founders in writing from Northern Boarders members immediately after the current year's National Championship, through September 30 of the current year.

SECTION B.) Elections will take place by mail ballot prior to November 1 of the current year. Election results will be determined by majority rules.

SECTION C.) Term of office will begin on January 1 and will serve for one (1) year. Each director must be elected or appointed on an annual basis.

SECTION D.) Board member vacancy shall be filled by recommendation of the President to serve the remainder of the term. This recommendation must be approved by majority vote of the Board.

SECTION E.) At such at time as the Board deems necessary, the number of Directors may be increased by majority vote of the Board, and these Bylaws will be amended to reflect such.

SECTION F.) Failure to fulfill the duties and obligations of a position on the Northern Boarders Board of Directors may cause reassignment, replacement, or dismissal. It shall be the responsibility of the President to notify the Director in writing regarding failure to fulfill the duties and obligations within the Board. The Director will then be placed on probation and have the opportunity to correct the dereliction of duty within thirty (30) days. If the Director fails to respond, the President, with a majority vote from the Board, may appoint a replacement to fulfill the position for the remainder of the term. If the President fails to fulfill his obligations, the Vice President may act accordingly.

SECTION G.) The original founders of Northern Boarders are considered Lifetime Directors. They will have voting privileges and will receive copies of all agendas for Board meetings: minutes of all Board meetings: written results of all Board votes and special mailings pertinent to the general management of Northern Boarders so long as they choose. They may attend and participate at all meetings of the Board of Directors with voting rights. They will be notified of unscheduled meetings or phone ballots prior to a vote and given the opportunity to voice their opinions or concerns.

SECTION H.) A Director serving a minimum of 4 full consecutive terms on the Board will be considered an "Honorary Vice President" for life, provided that Northern Boarders dues are currently paid, or until he chooses to not accept the title. He will receive copies of agendas of all Board meetings, minutes of all Board meetings, and copies of special mailings pertinent to the general management of Northern Boarders. He may attend and participate at all meetings of the Board of Directors with non-voting rights. However, for him to have Board of Director voting privileges, he must be appointed by the Founders as a voting Director or reconfirmed by the general membership as part of the normal election procedure.


The Chairman of the Board shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors. He shall call all regular meetings of the Board of Directors and shall establish the agenda. He may call special meetings of the Board at any time at his discretion. He may call for a mail vote at his discretion. He may appoint special board committees at his discretion, providing they do not conflict with standing committees or special committees previously appointed by the President. He shall follow up on actions taken by the Board to determine that they have been implemented, and notify the Board of any failure of implementation. He shall do those things required to assist in the smooth and efficient operation of the Board of Directors.

The President may exercise the right to vote on all issues brought before the Board. He may carry a proxy vote for a member not in attendance at meetings of the Board. He shall appoint all standing committees, subject to Article 8 of these Bylaws, and may appoint special committees at his discretion. It is his responsibility to instruct, advise, assist, and oversee the progress of all committees as an ex-officio member of such. He may choose members of the Board or members from the general membership to act as committee chairmen, or special appointees such as, but not limited to, Statistician, Tournament Coordinator, Training Coordinator, Chief Officials if there be a need in these areas. He shall follow through with all actions taken by the Board, in a timely fashion, and shall do all that is required for smooth and efficient operation of the Board and of the Club.

During the absence and/or inability of the President to render or perform his duties or exercise his powers, the same shall be executed by the Vice president; and when doing so he shall have all the powers and subject to all responsibilities of the President.

The Secretary is the recording officer of Northern Boarders and shall keep all minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and general membership, and is custodian of all nominal records. The Secretary will mail copies of all minutes at such meetings to all members of the Board within 30 days of the meeting. He shall read all communications and attend to all correspondence pertinent to Northern Boarders, and shall be responsible for seeing that all pertinent correspondence from AKA that pertains to the general membership of Northern Boarders be posted at Northern Boarders Sanctioned Events. He shall be responsible for seeing that the bulletin board is maintained and present at all events. The Secretary shall seek nominations to the Northern Boarders Board, make and mail all ballots for membership voting, collect and tally all ballots.

The treasurer shall have care and custody of all Northern Boarders funds. He shall keep accurate records of all moneys received and disbursed, and shall immediately deposit said moneys into the bank selected by the Board. He shall keep a current list of all members to include names, addresses, telephone numbers, and USA-WS membership numbers. He shall supply such updated lists to the Northern Boarders Statistician and the Chairman of the Northern Boarders Communication Committee. He shall present a detailed account of receipts and expenditures to the President within 10 days after a Northern Boarders tournament for publication in the Northern Boarders newsletter. He shall present a year end report to the Board in conjunction with a January Board meeting and a draft budget for the upcoming year. He shall pay all bills associated with Northern Boarders, and any bill over $200.00 must have second approval from the President. Detailed reimbursement receipts must be received by the Treasurer prior to the 30th of each month. Reimbursement checks will be issued on the 1st of the following month. The treasurer shall be responsible for filing all club affiliation forms with USA-WS by January of each year and will work closely with the Northern Boarders Tournament Organizer by providing the funds to insure that tournament sanctioning and additional insurance forms are filed with AKA and USA-WS. The Treasurer, in cooperation with the President shall be responsible for soliciting participation from outside of Northern Boarders in the form of moneys, service, or product donations. He shall be part of the decision making process as to how these donations are to be utilized within Northern Boarders.

The Tournament Organizer shall be responsible for overseeing the management of all Northern Boarders tournaments. The duties shall include, but not limited to the following: site selection, date selection, filing appropriate paper work to the AKA, appointing a Chief Judge for the tournament, and shall be the liaison to each of the committees and special appointees that are active participants in each tournament. The Tournament Organizer will also be responsible for coordinating with the Northern Boarders Treasurer and filing all sanction forms with AKA and USA-WS where applicable, and will coordinate and file special insurance forms where needed. The Tournament Organizer shall also be responsible for mailing all official forms back to AKA/USA-WS within ten (10) days of each event sponsored by Northern Boarders.

The President may appoint the following Standing Committees, which must have at least one Board member as a member of the Committee. The Chairman of the Standing Committee will be responsible for recruiting members to serve on his committee. If a member fails to follow through with his obligations, it is up to the Chairman to reassign the position during his administration as Chairman. If the Chairman fails to fulfill his obligations, then the President will reassign the position during his administration. The duties of the Standing Committee shall be determined by the Board from time to time. These committees will meet throughout the year and will submit proposals in writing to the Board at the January Board meeting. The report must contain rational for decisions reached by the committee. The President may request that the committee chairman attend the annual meeting, and if this is not possible, the Board member who sits on the committee will present the report. The Board shall review all committee reports and make suggestions for additions or subtractions or for approval or disapproval of committee proposals. The committee will then have 30 days to submit a new report to reflect committee recommendations and Board recommendations. The Board will give final approval or disapproval accordingly within the next 30 days by majority vote. The President has the right to call for a Board vote at any time during the year, as it pertains to decisions by the committee.

The following Standing Committees have been established.

The committees shall submit all receipts for reimbursement to the Northern Boarders Treasurer by the 30th of each month.

The Awards Committee shall be responsible for planning, ordering, and displaying awards at each Northern Boarders event. The committee will also be responsible for providing recognition awards for first time competitors at each sanctioned Northern Boarders tournament. This committee shall be responsible for year-end Northern Boarders awards. It will be responsible for keeping accurate records as provided by the Northern Boarders Statistician for special awards, including, but not limited to, Northern Boarders Kneeboarder of the Year and Northern Boarders Rookie of the Year. These special recognition awards will be based on annual performances of individuals from National Championship to National Championship.

The Bylaws Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and updating the Northern Boarders Bylaws on an annual basis and report proposed changes to the Board at the January meeting. The Board shall approve or disapprove Bylaw changes in the form of an amendment by a majority vote.

The committee will be responsible for securing arrangements for food and drinks at each Northern Boarders tournament. If a concession stand is not provided by the site host, it shall be up to the committee to purchase food and drinks and sell such. It shall be the responsibility of this committee to oversee any raffles and secure and solicit items for sale, including but not limited to, t-shirts.

The Equipment Committee shall be responsible for the care and storage of all Northern Boarders tournament equipment and to oversee that the equipment is transported to and retrieved from each tournament. The committee will see that all equipment is updated, maintained, and in working order prior to a Northern Boarders event. This equipment will include, but not limited to the following:

1. Safety Equipment: (first aid equipment, backboards, splints, cervical collar)

2. Ropes, Shock Tubes, Handles, P.A. system, Tape Recorders (with tapes), and Radios (with new batteries and back up batteries) Horns (with back up canisters) and Timing Devices.

3. Officials Bags (including ice and drinks)

4. Secretarial Supplies (including pens, pencils, clip boards, poster boards, and bulletin boards.)

The membership/hospitality committee shall solicit new members to the Club, keep membership records, and keep records for USAWS Membership Contest (if applicable), and communicate all membership activity to the Northern Boarders Treasurer in a timely fashion. This committee will also be on hand to set up Northern Boarders tents and to give information and assistance to all Team members and Novice competitors. Members of the committee will distribute "Welcome Packets" to each new Northern Boarders member.

The communication committee will be responsible for creating and mailing of tournament fliers, and organizing a "Welcome Packet" for distribution to all new Northern Boarders members. The Committee shall be responsible for contacting the media including, but not limited to, TV Stations, Radio Stations, Local Newspapers prior to and immediately following any Northern Boarders Tournament. This committee shall also be responsible for making signs and/or fliers for local distribution 15 days prior to an Event, and shall make poster and sign to be put in visible areas the day of the Event.

This committee shall be responsible for writing, updating, and managing the Northern Boarders Policies and Procedures manual, and overseeing that established policies and procedures are being followed as voted by the Board.

The Special Appointees by the President will be responsible for the following. If a Special Appointee fails to fulfill his obligation, it is up to the President to reassign the position during his administration.

The Historian shall be responsible for taking pictures and maintaining the photo album and scrap book and keeping a running history of "Northern Boarders".

It is the responsibility of the Jr. Liaison to communicate Northern Boarders policy and procedures to the Jr. Kneeboarders in an interesting and understandable manner. The Jr. Liaison will coordinate Jr. Freestyle, special activities, and Jr. Skier Clinics.

The newsletter editor will be responsible for the editing and mailing of the Northern Boarders newsletter sent to the general membership and other individuals as determined from time to time by the Northern Boarders Board of Directors and the newsletter appointee. The newsletter shall include, but not limited to, AKA sanctioned tournaments and clinics, notice of Northern Boarders Board of Director meetings and general membership meetings.

The Promo Boat Coordinator shall be responsible for contacting all tow boat manufacturers at least 30 days prior to a Northern Boarders Tournament and securing promo boats to participate.

The Registrar will receive and record all tournament entries and will prepare a dock starting list for each event.

The Safety Coordinator will coordinate all safety measures and equipment necessary to ensure a safe environment at Northern Boarders Events. He will advise safety personal of procedures, designate a safety area, and advise members of safety issues at all Northern Boarders events.

The Statistician shall keep track of all member performance ratings and will keep members notified of points necessary for advancement or for qualification ratings for AKA National Championship. The Statistician will also keep records for officials for advancement and will keep all performance records set at Florida Tournaments of Record Capability. The Statistician will notify all competitors in writing once they have achieved the necessary qualifications for invitation to attend the AKA National Championship.

It shall be up to the Training Director to select a site and oversee any special training clinics, such as Safety, Judging, or Driving Clinics. The Training Director shall be responsible for applying to AKA for clinic approval and to USA-WS for clinic literature and handbooks. All fees will be collected by the Training Director and all fees paid AKA/USA-WS.

The Northern Boarders Board of Directors will meet a minimum of one (1) time during the year, and this meeting will be held in January. A meeting of the Northern Boarders membership is open to all members of Northern Boarders. The President, throughout the year, may call other meetings. The President will notify the Board in writing at least 15 days in advance. Notice of all Board meetings and General Membership meetings will be published in the Northern Boarders Newsletter along with a tentative agenda. Such notice will also be posted at Northern Boarders Events on the Northern Boarders Bulletin Board. Board meetings may be closed to the general membership, but if a member wishes to address the Board, permission may be granted by the President. A majority of the Board must be present at Board meetings to constitute a quorum. If a Board member is not able to attend a Board meeting, he may submit a written vote by mail to each Board member on the issues at hand: may appoint a designate delegate, with board approval: or may be contacted by phone to finalize a vote. From time to time it may be necessary to hold conference calls or conduct business electronically. These calls or electronic business will be treated as a scheduled meeting, with minutes taken and voting procedures followed accordingly.

SECTION A.) All incumbent and newly elected Directors shall attend the Annual Board Meeting in January. The incumbent Directors shall vote on all issues up to and including Old Business. After all Old Business is resolved, the newly elected Directors will assume their positions with voting privileges.

SECTION B.) All Directors, Committee Chairman, and Special Appointees shall surrender all pertinent materials to the newly elected or appointed members at the annual Board meeting or, if that person is unable to carry out their duties, they shall surrender all materials immediately.

These Bylaws will be reviewed annually and may be amended by a majority vote of the Board.

Any member of Northern Boarders may file a written grievance to the President or any member of the Board alleging violation of these Bylaws or Policies and Procedures established by Northern Boarders /AKA. These letters must be signed, but the President has the option of submitting the letter to the Board with the name and address with held. The Board will take the grievance under advisement, a poll of Board members will be taken, and a response to the member will be made within 10 days. If the member is not satisfied with the results, he may file his grievance the with AKA President.

"Robert's Rule of Order" shall govern all cases to which they are applicable, and are not inconsistent with these Bylaws and any special rules of order which Northern Boarders may adopt. Any circumstances not covered in these Bylaws will reflect back to AKA Bylaws and further to USA-WS Bylaws.